A seasoned marketing & creative consultant

After years of advertising agency and in-house corporate experience, I started Wilsonmarcom as a marketing communications consulting service. The value I bring to your organization is through proven strategic marketing and creative direction. As a content developer and designer, my skills have translated to:

Trusted professionalism

Director of Marketing Communications at Vanguard Communications
From day-to-day operations; to managing creative and account teams; to creating ad campaigns my team successfully worked in a variety of industries across the country such as finance, real estate, health care, retail, science and technology.

Client: Bellco Credit Union

  • Increased loans and deposits by more than $30M within one year of implementing a strategic product advertising campaign.
  • Directed personalities for TV and radio advertisements to highlight Bellco with a personalized customer service approach to its members.

Director of Marketing Communications at WELLCOMM+
Directed the design and implementation of branding and user experience initiatives within the health and wellness industry.

Client: University of Colorado, National Children’s Study

  • Led the development of a comprehensive marketing program for the largest U.S. long-term study of household environmental and genetic effects on children’s health.
  • Gained national recognition for a successful marketing plan and collateral currently being utilized by NCS sites across the US for recruitment strategies.

As my consulting career continues to evolve, I remain steadfast in my belief that collaboration is the key to business success. I am committed to cultivating positive relationships with clients, other creatives and community leaders.

Let’s meet for a cup of coffee and discuss your company’s brand and business goals.
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