4 Unique Ways Text Messaging Engages Clients

Adding technology to your club marketing should make the task of driving revenue and retaining clients much easier. Using text messaging can be one of the best ways to reach out to your clients and is key to retaining them, creating more revenue and keeping them engaged to what your club has to offer.

When you envision text message marketing, you think about promotional deals such as weekly offers from Redbox, or an update on the latest sale from a retail store. Thinking outside the box with your text messaging marketing as a business owner can elevate you past the normal advertising clutter your clients are bombarded with everyday. While effective text messages can lead to sales more often, using practical, relevant and informative content can go a long way in building client loyalty. Let’s look at four ways to use text messaging to engage your clients and give them every opportunity to connect with your business.

Motivational Messages

Motivating members to continue workouts with regularity is half the battle for any owner. Using text-messaging works well for personalized marketing to inspire your members to keep coming back. This is not only a retention reminder, but that you’re thinking of their personal health while providing yourself an opportunity to upsell them on additional club offerings such as a new class, or a personal training session. Furthermore, you can engage members with motivational messages who haven’t been to the gym for a while, such as inspirational quotes like “Sweat now, shine later,” or “Exercising is a blessing, not a chore.” Other motivational messages might include health tip alerts, or links back to your website for nutritional advice, or even healthy food recipes.

Having the convenience of automated text alerts for your clients helps to keep you and them in “real time.” As different events occur at your business, sending out text messages to members will quickly alert them to what’s going on. For instance, you might be closing for a holiday or have to close early because of bad weather. By letting members know in advance, you will help to combat client frustration instead of them showing up to a locked door. In another example, new clients often are pressed for time. A simple text suggesting less busy times may allow for that member to ease into their workout routine more comfortably. Plus, it gives your staff more time to educate new members about their workouts. Other text messages can include automated birthday alerts and efficient member renewal reminders.

Class Schedules

Giving members timely updates on classes, especially when schedules change is critical to keep them coming back for more classes. Whether it’s a specialized class that happens once a month, or something that happens more frequently, you can create text lists to help remind them about the classes. If something comes up and you have to reschedule a class, you can let members know instantly and they’ll appreciate it more than you can imagine.

Creating More Business Revenue

With the majority of clients using smartphones, businesses can now take advantage by creating a better client experience, as well as up-selling them on products and services. This can be done through basic sales alerts, incentive offers for family and friend referrals, product or service promotional offers, business specials and educational events, or even branding your business as a community sponsor.

Text message marketing is most effective when you can engage your members with relevant information that’s delivered on a personal level. Building a club community begins with keeping members informed through alerts, updates and special offers. Creating a better member experience starts with education, motivation, or something as simple as remembering them on their birthday. Increased revenue can be the result of engaged clients who refer your business to others; and by upselling your promotions or services through continuous education and text communication.

Stephen Wilson
Marketing Communications Consultant

For more information email Wilsonmarcom@gmail.com or call 720-810-2580.

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